Hypup Brand Identity

Client: Hypup OY
Website: hypup.fi
Date: 2016
Concept Development
Characters creation
Brand identity & Logo
Key slogan creation


Hypup is a finnish brand dedicated to an early child education. It focuses on uniqueness of children’s’ development and offers tailor-made solutions. It’s goal is to develop interest for studying in every child and help to overcome educational problems.  Every product Hypup releases is exciting and educational at the same time. Items are based on desires of children and developed under a careful supervision and research of teachers in kindergartens. The brand produces educational toys, games, cartoons and books, children’s playgrounds for private use, clothes and parent’s items. The company focuses on natural materials for production, mainly wood and cotton.


The brand is presented to the audience via its main character “Hypup”. It’s a cartoon hero, which represents a curious and active child. Through games and personal experience it teaches different skills and helps children to adapt to different life situations. This character is the main symbol of the brand and is used in all media.


Flying squirrel had been chosen as main mascot.  It is an active, cute, fast, it “jumps up” and lives in Finnish forests. He represents Finnish values such as proudnes of the country, obsessiveness with nature, love to spend time with family outdoors. Such a hero can be easily perceived by Finnish children and it strengthens overall mood of the brand. His name “Hyp Up” means “to jump up” and symbolizes the aspiration to score high in activities. The name sounds fast and fervent and so is the hero.

Thinking of future media development and funny and learning character of the brand’s cartoons the second mascot was introduced. It was created as an opposite to the squirrel – a “funny foreigner”, a shy, modest and clumsy penguin, who becomes a new friend and accompanies squirrel Hypup during his adventures. Being completely opposite, both mascots bravely help each other to overcome different challenges. This becomes the main core of the cartoons and shows that everyone has something to be proud of, despite their differences.

Most memorable children’s characters in Finland consist of simple forms. Simple forms became the base for the main heroes of the brand. 




TARGET  Hypup target audience are active modern parents, who are always in a search for something fresh and useful for their children. They are active users of internet, gadgets and play active role in their kids life.  For the company it is highly important that their products are not only practical, but also are visually appealing.

APPROACH Hypup’s logo is meant to stand out from homogeneous logos of its Finnish competitors, who use rounded typefaces, odd letters, old-fashioned style and very bright colors. Its handmade typeface and pastel colors look fresh and memorable